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Biking with Nature on Public Lands

Florida's many public lands, parks and seashore provide a wealth of nature bicycling opportunities for the eco-aware biker. Exploring natural Florida is a great alternative to theme parks. There is also mountain biking, but we stick to the less strenuous recreational trails. Here are some nature/eco-biking destinations we liked.

Florida Eco-biking - Links and Sample Photos

Circle B Bar Reserve

Florida eco-biking, Circle B Bar Reserve

Reclaimed ranchland in Polk Cty (view details... coming soon)

Dixie Mainline Trail

Florida eco-biking, Dixie Mainline Trail

 Old logging road at Florida's Big Bend (view details...)

Lake Apopka Loop Trail

Florida eco-biking, Lake Apopka Loop Trail

 Loop Trail at the pump house (view details...)

Orlando Wetlands Park

Orlando Wetlands Park, Florida eco-biking

Biking on the berm (view details... coming soon)

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